Sunday, 21 March 2010

Tiger Woods Affair's

Cheating celebrities doesn't just stop at footballers, more and more celebrities are cheating these days. Tiger Wood's began patching things up with his wife, after having an affair but last week his explicit texts which he sent his porn star mistress were revealed in The Sun.
These texts showed how Tiger's affair seemed to allow him to live out his fantacys which perhaps his wife wouldn't allow.
This however is no excuse and celebrities should appreciate what they have.

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Cheryl vs Ashley

It is unknown as to why Ashley Cole feels the need to play away from home but certainly feels that it isn't all his fault!
As news speculated about his unfaithfulness he was certainly keen and fast to pass on the blame. Ashley blames his wife Cheryl and her mum as to why he cheated.He believes that Cheryl spent too much time working and not enough time supporting him. As to her mum (who supported Cheryl through the first time Ashley cheated) Ashley has said that Cheryl's mum being around the home caused their sex life to go on hold.
In my opinion neither of these are reasons to justify Ashley's cheating and therefore I don't blame Cheryl for wanting a divorce. Although Ashley is keen for the two to reconcile, Cheryl is throwing herself into work and is rumoured to be planning a divorce. She has even made plans to have her Mrs C tattoo removed from the back of her neck.

Monday, 8 March 2010


The question I want answered is why do footballers feel the need to play away from home, when their girlfriends/wives are so pretty?

First Ashley Cole years ago, and then John Terry later followed by Ashley Cole once again. All I can say is well done to Cheryl Cole for finally dumping Ashley, I just hope he doesn't talk her round.

What are your views on footballer's playing away?

New blog

Hi guys, I've never blogged before so i'm sorry if it's boring. I'm going to be blogging on the break up's of Celebrities and whether or not the media should follow it.