Friday, 9 April 2010

Katie vs Peter

Peter Andre is being discrete in his life by trying to stay out of the papers and putting his kids first, the opposite however can be said of his ex wife Katie Price.
Since splitting from Peter Andre, Katie Price's private life has been splashed over every news paper and does nothing to stop it. From her re-appearence in the jungle to splitting with Alex Reid and then marrying him after he won Celebrity Big Brother, her life is most definatly not private.
But the question is, how are her children doing with the split. Her two children with Peter, Junior and Princess and her child with Dwight Harvey have been pushed to the limit. Katie talked the children into calling Alex, dad within months of separating with Peter.
A lot of kids watch their parents go through divorces but these kids are being dragged through the media.
The question that everyone wants answering is will the fighting will ever stop?

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